Adam Kroll – Paradise Industries

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Ambient techno soundscapes

Wonderful relaxed deepness on a four-track ep by Adam Kroll released on Sheffield’s Planet Terror. If you’re into those deeper Kompakt releases you’ll possibly love this one…

Paradise Industries

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Nangdo – Chrome

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Instrumabstractal Hip Hop

This release by Nangdo, a producer from the Netherlands on Planet Terror makes me smile, intense soul, groovy tunes. Matches sometimes the moods of JDilla tracks… Highly recommended download… Don’t forget to donate if you like those tracks…

Listening tips:

The Makings
The Look
1st to Know

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Adam & Alma – Back To The Sea

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Independent Pop Music

Awesome independent pop pearls from Sweden… To make it short: Download! Share! Donate! NOW! Released on 23 Seconds. Found on AuBoutDuFil

Smile For Me, Sun
Back To The Sea

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Gate Zero – Green Planet

Gate Zero - Green Planet - Free download - Net Audio Magazine

Calm Electronics

Just another classic Stadtgruen label release from 2008: Gate Zero (Stefan Biermann) ’s Green Planet on Stadtgruen. Timeless…

Listening recommendation:


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Klotzsch & Krey – Through All These Years Of Trying To Belong

Klotzsch & Krey - Through All These Years Of Trying To Belong - Free Download - Net Audio Magazine

Minimal modern classic

Emil Klotsch (Piano, arrangements) and Ruediger Krey (Bassethorn) met for a chamber experiment in the Eifel woods near Cologne. Quiet, fragile and stunning…

Released on 12rec

Listening recommendation:

I See My Own feat. Werner Kitzmueller

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Federsen – Magnetic Transmissions

Deep Spacetech Muzak Conceptions

Awesome. Sometimes there are those tracks you can dance to and hanging out at the same time. “Confident enough not to hide behind a monster kick drum.” (Morgan, i love this quote!) And here that magic happens… Thanks to Mr. Chris Kelly aka Federsen! Bingo! Chapeau! Essential download! 11,5/12


Original Theory – 7:01
Magellic Clouds – 7:32
Octavian – 8:41
Cosmic Textures – 6:49
Gaps In The Mind – 6:35
Freedom From The Know – 9:08
Emerge 2 – 5:09
Gravity Mass Weight – 7:22

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