Viesse – In The White

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Deep jazzy house music

Relaxed 3-track EP by Viesse from naples, Italy on Ruzzi. Solid jazz influenced house music. Unfortunately they don’t provide seperate links to their tracks, you just can download the whole release and no prelistening is possible here.


Label: Ruzzi

Peter Clamat – Usual Situations

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Free House Deepness

Nice deep release on Auflegeware by Peter Clamat. Groovy tracks with some great free anomalous elements.

Tantomal (Stockholm)
Tradition Falloff (Barcelona)
Jurancon (Intl.)
Tantalus Quantalus (Copenhagen)

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Kein Zweiter – Globus Cassus

Microfunk Futurism

Our Keinzweiter feature ends here with his Globus Cassus longplayer on Spontan Musik. Shifty constructions and versatile usage of jazz and detroitish fragments combined with electronica makes this release outstanding and still ahead of its time.

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Listening tips:

Lost Diglator

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Kein Zweiter – M

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Jazzy Microhouse Cleverness

This will be the start of a small feature with some releases by Tobias Lorsbach aka Keinzweiter. This one is M, a 3-track ep released on Minordust. Very loose but precise, deep, jazzy & funky tracks.


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Klotzsch & Krey – Through All These Years Of Trying To Belong

Klotzsch & Krey - Through All These Years Of Trying To Belong - Free Download - Net Audio Magazine

Minimal modern classic

Emil Klotsch (Piano, arrangements) and Ruediger Krey (Bassethorn) met for a chamber experiment in the Eifel woods near Cologne. Quiet, fragile and stunning…

Released on 12rec

Listening recommendation:

I See My Own feat. Werner Kitzmueller

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Blackdaylight – The Nin9

Genre mashup electronics

Intensive album. Sometimes it reminds me to early Prefuse of Four Tet structures, but Thomas McCauley aka Blackdaylight is definitely mixing his own style-mashup.

“The Nin9 includes ten new tracks which were all recorded during the year 2009 and are filled with the emotional charge of Blackdaylight’s personal feelings and experience from this “crazy year”, as he describes it. The artist presents finest melodic trip hop with shuffled beats, beautiful melodic layers and string instrument sections that combined together bring this sonic form of the emotion into your ears and souls.”

Released on Stigae


Individual tracks (320 kbps quality):

01. Last Time Past Time [hearthrob]
02. After Our Discontent [live]
03. Arousal Modulation [live]
04. Saboreandome [live]
05. Whiskey & Ginger [live]
06. Nouveau Vertigo
07. (While She slept) He Dreamt
08. Into The Oblivion Of Acheron
09. October Rain
10. Climate Of Chaos