Camila López & Flamante – Move & Remove Remixes

Colombian Indietronics

Sweet indietronic pop from Medellín, Colombia… Released 2009 on Series Media

Our recommendations:

Move & remove
Move & remove (the view of Lucrecia)
Move & remove (Ramiro Ramirez reversion)

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Federsen – Magnetic Transmissions

Deep Spacetech Muzak Conceptions

Awesome. Sometimes there are those tracks you can dance to and hanging out at the same time. “Confident enough not to hide behind a monster kick drum.” (Morgan, i love this quote!) And here that magic happens… Thanks to Mr. Chris Kelly aka Federsen! Bingo! Chapeau! Essential download! 11,5/12


Original Theory – 7:01
Magellic Clouds – 7:32
Octavian – 8:41
Cosmic Textures – 6:49
Gaps In The Mind – 6:35
Freedom From The Know – 9:08
Emerge 2 – 5:09
Gravity Mass Weight – 7:22

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Taschenrechnermusikant – Die Ruhe vor dem Strom

Warm dubby electronics

“Dubby moods, harmonic melody fields embedded in a warm and bright electronic landscape. There’s only a few words to describe it: “The calm before the storm”. The track „Hop“ takes us on a journey to wide yellow oker cornfields where the melodies are floating around like the wind. Sometimes ruff, but always as deep as it gets, maybe like a slow motion ride on a dusty desert highway, that’s the mood of „Pianophil“.

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Strim – It’s A Beat

Downbeat grooves

Raw and sometimes slightly cheesy (but overall enjoyable…) downbeat instrumental hip-hop from Hungary.

Our tips:

Enjoy Your Life

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Maps and Diagrams – Cubiculo

Modern Classical

A lifesign from Maps and Diagrams,,,


“Taking some time out from making music with Charles Sage as Hessien, Tim Martin brings his Maps and Diagrams project to the surface with four exclusive songs for Fluid Audio. ’Cubiculo’ features a more structured, loop-based arrangement, drawing attention to a rounded and melodic stencil with focus on subtle, micro-crystalised rhythm, surrounded by a self-assurance and tangled textures with a salute towards the work of Oval and their deconstructed works of the 90’s.’Cubiculo’ creates a less-harsh listening environment compared to ‘The Giant Woods’ album on Yuki Yaki released in December 2009 and this is another steadfast release carefully crafted, interwoven with unfolding elements that makes Maps and Diagrams’ compositions so precisely enduring.”


released 12 March 2010

All songs written and produced by Maps and Diagrams 2009/10.

Recorded at Roadmap Studios, Cambridgeshire.

All rights reserved Fluid Audio.

Copyright Handstitched 2010.

Artwork by Nikola

Moor Hound – Enduring World EP

Indie acoustics

Independent folk music from Orlando. Hosted on bandcamp, so here comes their own player and download links: