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The music featured on this website is mostly released under Creative Commons licenses. To get more info about this way of licensing, please visit the Creative Commons website. For example, some artists are releasing their music or art under Creative Commons to get known to public in another, more direct way than ‘usual’ releases.
Please feel free to download and share (It’s all about sharing…) all featured releases. Please notice: some of the releases have some restriction on usage in commercial or other works. Have a look on the tags in the mp3, the release notes or the label website for any details and information regarding the specific conditions of copyright/left.

Is this legal?

Yes, free sharing and distribution of content under a Creative Commons license is legal. You can download, use and share content depending on which Creative Commons license was chosen by the artist or author. Mostly you’ll find the license on the download pages.

How to download music?

Sometimes it’s possible to prelisten the tracks, some netlabels and resources distribute only zip-files – in that case prelistening isn’t possible. Download is easy than prelisten, ctrl-click or right mouseclick on the selected track, than save as…

Is the featured music really free?

Yes. There is no hook. But if you like the music and want to give the artist some tribute, please use the paypal-donate button on most netlabel artist websites to help them to hold on to their work. They have chosen this alternative way to promote or distribute their creative output.

I am an author who likes to review music. Can i become a reviewer?

Why not? Our mission is to popularize Creative Commons and copyleft published music. Therefore we couldn’t be enough. Please contact us in this issue.

Your website seems nice, but in my Internet Explorer 4.5 browser it looks a bit strange. What to do?

Please upgrade your browser or try a more contemporary browser like firefox or safari.

I am new to rss feeds and feedreader software. Where can i get more information about feedreader?

A good starting point to get some information and facts about rss feedreader is the aggregator/feedreader site at wikipedia.org. A list of feedreaders you’ll find at: Feed Readers at the Open Directory Project.

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Click on the comment button below the article which you want to comment. There you can leave your comment. To avoid massive spam, the comment area is moderated. Due to that it can take a bit time until your comment is visible online.

Streaming of some tracks doesn’t work and even downloading fails or doesn’t start. What to do?

Most netlabel tracks are hosted by www.archive.org or www.scene.org . There are huge servers which are sometimes very slow due to heavy traffic or even offline for maintenance. In most cases the best way is to check back a few hours later.

Your Problem or question couldn’t be solved?

In that case please message us your question or problem via the contact page!

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VA – Re-Jumble

Abstract & wonky various artists compi by Jumble/FuseLab

Jumble / FUSELab present VA – Re-Jumble – the first release of a new label, which existed previously in the form of a podcast-terminal and now the record-formation, responsible for the deepest forms of dub/bass and experimental/future beats.

Big international assembly including a wide range of scene visions scenes by talented beatmakers from around the world. A universal set for the independent space tourist – from deep rustling sketches and abstract rhythmic delights to synthetic flashes and 8-bit bursts…



Details »

Field Recording 019 – Basic Soul Unit

Deeep down mix

Deep mix by Stuart Li aka Basic Soul Unit. He released his music on labels like Philpot, Mathematics, Versatile, New Kanada, Creme Org and Ostgut and why should we say more about his mix on Field Recordings – the tracklist tells it all…


Details »

VA – Lab Coat – “Hi” EP

Fresh & funky spaced out instrumental-hop

Fine produced for loud listening by the Labcoat crew from Asheville, North Carolina. Beat-diggin’ Madlib / J Dilla style.

Get the full EP 320 kb MP3 FREE DOWNLOAD HERE >>>

Labcoat label website >

Hubert Daviz – Beatnicks Tape #01

Instrumental lunatic limbo for those dizzy days

Hubert Daviz, sample’n'beat constructor from Cologne, Germany drops a deep 13 track journey for free on bandcamp. For listeners of lazy & jazzy deep style instrumental hip hop (formerly known as trip hop): Just get it here!


Details »

Mentz – Piani EP

Deep slow Jazz

Mentz has graced us with another lovely ‘n dusty EP. Open your finest bottle, light your smoke, kick back and hit repeat!


Humanworkshop website >>>

OL – Random Phrase

Contemporary Glitch-Hop

And just another fresh drop from Error Broadcast by OL from Moscow, Russia. Fragmented, but in some kind relaxed beats with a deep approach. With a dubstep twist.


catch the Deluxe Edition with Bonus Track “Goodnight Liquid” (320 kb – 3$) from bandcamp HERE >>>