Adam & Alma – Back To The Sea

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Independent Pop Music

Awesome independent pop pearls from Sweden… To make it short: Download! Share! Donate! NOW! Released on 23 Seconds. Found on AuBoutDuFil

Smile For Me, Sun
Back To The Sea

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Convaire – Hey Say Hey

Independent pop from Down Under

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Moor Hound – Enduring World EP

Indie acoustics

Independent folk music from Orlando. Hosted on bandcamp, so here comes their own player and download links:


Protestant Work Ethic – Turned, And Turning EP

Austrian Country Music

Still lost in the archives… Found a 2008 release on 12REC – Austrian Country Music. Country & Western is not my favourite music style but i still like this EP. It’s warm, personal and spiced with failure…

Protestant Work Ethic is Simon Usaty. Simon is songwriter and one half of KES (alongside Bernard Bauch), eventually Vienna’s finest alternative Rock- and Country-outfit and long-time inside tip (listen to “Nordwaggon” on12rec.032). According to the name of his solo-project, Simon stripped of every superfluous knick-knack, focussing on a few acoustic instruments and his juvenile voice. But as a protestant work ethic might imply a success-orientated, rather rational concept for life, Simon decided to break with the cultural surplus of his moniker in this point. His work ethic is an emotional one.

In North America, kids grow up with Folklore and Country-music. And although 99% of the commercial Western & Country-genre is bullshit, one percent settles seed in bands like Wilco, Califone or the Bright Eyes. Right here, Simon Usaty manages what so little European musicians achieve: authentic, alternative Country-music. His voice has a certain moment of failure, still he’s an awesome vocalist, on stage and on his recordings. The chords he picks draw influence from Folk and Blues, the instruments are well chosen: acoustic guitar, banjo next to harmonica, chimes, accordion and bits of percussion. The overall feel of his EP is melancholy, but every now and then Simon pushes aside the clouds (“Walk the Plank”), at least a bit. Beach Boys-style vocal harmonies (“Weather Side”) take turns with introspective instrumentals (“Duba Ktana”) and shyly shivering gems of Pop-songwriting (“Set Out to Take on”).”

01 – Set Out To Take On
02 – Weather Side
03 – Duba Ktana
04 – Walk The Plank
05 – Clap Clean Hands
06 – As They Are Blown Here And There…
07 – … And There Again


12 rec website

Lucrecia – Like being home

Electroacoustic Pop-pearls from Colombia

This will definitely be the right choice for your digital (or even analog) campfire! This new one from Lucrecia on Series Media is about acoustic instruments, found sounds, crispy percussion and Lucrecia’s wonderful vocals with an ease of ‘those who know more’.

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Lucky Misu – Puzzles (Corpid Extra 020)

Vocal electronica from sweden

After some great releases with female singers, Corpid Extra now starts up with a male popstar: Lucky Misu (Daniel Bergstrom). This four-tracker contains great fluffy electronica with danceable beats perfected to pophymns with Lucky Misu’s imperfect vocals. Fine tunes!

Caution: Hosted on – slow servers – disrupting streams!

1. Between O and K
2. Puzzled
3. How to hold on tight
4. Don’t get me wrong

Lucky Misu’s homepage