Glander – Vate

Slow-motion deepness


1bit wonder website
Homepage of Glander

01 – Nalepa
02 – Hmbrg
03 – Zavial
04 – Nightie
05 – Realize
06 – Drift
07 – Zavial (Stefanik Reshape)

Entire release as zip file
Cover art (pdf)

Another timeless classic… Deep and expressive release from berlin’s Glander on 1Bit Wonder.

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Nuthre – Popstars

Plunderphonic masterpiece

Yes, i still LOVE that release… Nuthre. Samplers. Long nights. Plundering. Plunderphonism. Pure. Warm. Friendly. Plunderphonic. Restructuring. Without permission. Direct. Legal. Illegal. Whatever. Straight. Without fear. Down-the-line. Funky. Mixing. Splicing. Copyright. Right. False. Right. Jumping. Originate. Thanks. A statement. Or what.

Samplerism as its probably finest point…


pop quiz label website releasepage

02-I velvet
04-Gracious Some_singers
05-I have everything
06-Quoi Quoi Quoi
07-fader junk
08-average choosers
09-When I get there I’m be there by my side
10-Sure Signals
11-Stopwatching Televisionblast

nuthre on myspace

Tracky Birthday – Animal Audition


“… i need the internet like Whitney Houston needs crack … i love amateur homepages and dirt style design …”.
Regarding the last quote: Just visit Tracky Birthday’s website

His free downloadable album is about nerdcore, 8 bit hip hop and other, not categorizable styles…

Album was released on Upitup, another fine source for really independent music.

My favourite track of this album: Tracky Birthday – Websiiite

Various Artists – Let’s Talk About Muertepop #2

Various twisted indie

Stuck in archives these days… this various artists compilation is still a wonderful example for quality independent music in my eyes. Still online, still free…

Muertepop records comes back with another collection of ten electronic and experimental tracks created by different artists around the world. Autumn arrives and Muertepop wears his hot and comfotable clothes with: All About Max, Background Radiation, ( etre ), Glass Harmonica, Melodium, Nakao:::, OTO, Parade Me, Queb, Silence Is Sexy.”

01. Nakao::: – Mind Sheep
02. Parade Me – Honesty Is A Weapon
03. OTO – Mente
04. Silence Is Sexy – Kids Like Silence
05. Background Radiation – Real Air To Use
06. All About Max – Leaving Myself
07. Glass Harmonica – Old Photograph
08. Queb – Memories Of A Summery Mornings With Her
09. ( etre ) – You Can Find A Neu-Cluster Of The Faust
10. Melodium – Baroinisme Passif

Download entire release “AA.VV. – Let’s Talk About Muertepop #2″ in zip format:

Download cover (front)
Download cover (front + back)
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Download info and tracklist (txt file)

Archive release page

Published under creative commons public license 2.5 (ccpl)

Cover design by Riulo –

Sora – Live at Metro (IA 002)

Contemporary electronic jazz

The unique technique of subtile distortion of audio material of the Kyoto-based electronic musician Takeshi Kurosawa is terrficic. Sora “Live at Metro”, the second Relaese from Intervall-audio , is a mix of tracks from his groundbreaking first album ‘re:sort’ on Plop and unreleased material. Put it on your mp3 player, sit down at a empty beach, put your headphones on and dive into this opus of contemporary electronica.

Released on Intervall Audio:

Sora is the alias of Kyoto-based electronic musician Takeshi Kurosawa. The Japanese word sora (空) means ’sky’, ‘the blue’ or ‘the heavens’. But the Japanese character also means ‘empty’, and the tracks on Live at Metro indeed evoke the peacefully relaxing atmosphere and emptiness of mind that an entire day, from sunrise to sunset, of a summer holiday spent at the beach brings.

“We see the first rays of the morning sun flicker through the trees. The air, shimmering and blurred by the heat, gently touches the skin as we walk to the beach. We lie down in the sand’s tender warmth and take a nap full of dreams and faint memories, before swimming submersed in the joyful play of bubbles in a glistening sea. By late afternoon, we no longer hear but actually feel the breeze coming in from the sea. And the evening rejoices in the promise of sitting around a beach fire until the last melody disappears into the dark open night over the sea.

Live at Metro is a richly textured, playfully arranged, crisply analogue-sounding electronica opus that testifies to the fine taste of early Plop releases and defined the image and future direction of the label back in 2003. Live at Metro also demonstrates the exceptional talent of a young Japanese artist who, in 2006, played the Plop label showcase at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona as well as Sonar Sound Tokyo.

Originally recorded in 2003, Live at Metro features remixes from Sora’s first full-length album re.sort (Plop 2003), as well as hitherto unreleased material. The tracks are skilfully interwoven to form a continuous sound event and therefore are provided in one full-length gapless file for download. With Live at Metro Sora gives us a deeply satisfying 32 minutes of audio exploration that stays with us because it echoes a half-remembered state of bliss, perfect peace and innermost contentment.”


[IA.002] Sora: Live at Metro
(77.1 Mb: gapless mp3 file)

[IA.002] Sora: Live at Metro (32′06″)
(72.7 Mb zip archive: gapless file & artwork)

Preview samples at 128kbps:
|01| (00:00—10:32) rayuela
|02| (10:32—14:00) a caminho do mar
|03| (14:00—16:33) traces
|04| (16:33—21:47) the circluar ruins
|05| (21:47—29:40) satelite towers
|06| (29:40—32:08) the garden of paths

Artwork (113 KB)

(Release: 1 March 2007)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License.

Blackdaylight – Live

The darker Chicago

Yet another Chicago artists with a very unique style of his own, Blackdaylight cooks up a deep dish of trip-hop grooves. Sonically heavy, Black’s infusion of gritty vocals and acoustic samples over a sort of 808 purism is cosmic-tribal. The live recordings have sometimes have a rough, raw sound, resulting in very warm and personal feel. It is “deep in the sheets” music – sensual, throbbing and grimy. And while there is certainly a fair amount of “daylight”, the larger portion of this album is dark and serious. Imagine yourself standing on a rooftop watching the city burn as tracks like Quicksand bang relentlessly. This is mood music – intoxicating.

Download the whole release: Hi Rez ZIP or a smaller VBR ZIP

you can download individual songs here: release on

if for some reason that doesn’t work, then here