Field Recording 019 – Basic Soul Unit

Deeep down mix

Deep mix by Stuart Li aka Basic Soul Unit. He released his music on labels like Philpot, Mathematics, Versatile, New Kanada, Creme Org and Ostgut and why should we say more about his mix on Field Recordings – the tracklist tells it all…


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Nangdo – Chrome

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Instrumabstractal Hip Hop

This release by Nangdo, a producer from the Netherlands on Planet Terror makes me smile, intense soul, groovy tunes. Matches sometimes the moods of JDilla tracks… Highly recommended download… Don’t forget to donate if you like those tracks…

Listening tips:

The Makings
The Look
1st to Know

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Myke Forte – Back to Scratch-Beat Tape

Raw instrumental grooves

If you’re into instrumental hip hop groove constructions and beats, try this selections of tracks by Myke Forte.

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Zion I – Zion I Sampler

Indie Hip Hop

Zion I spreads four of their tracks plus a 30min DJ-Mix via their bandcamp site… Don’t hesitate to load’em down immediatly… Via Owlmag

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Nuthre – Popstars

Plunderphonic masterpiece

Yes, i still LOVE that release… Nuthre. Samplers. Long nights. Plundering. Plunderphonism. Pure. Warm. Friendly. Plunderphonic. Restructuring. Without permission. Direct. Legal. Illegal. Whatever. Straight. Without fear. Down-the-line. Funky. Mixing. Splicing. Copyright. Right. False. Right. Jumping. Originate. Thanks. A statement. Or what.

Samplerism as its probably finest point…


pop quiz label website releasepage

02-I velvet
04-Gracious Some_singers
05-I have everything
06-Quoi Quoi Quoi
07-fader junk
08-average choosers
09-When I get there I’m be there by my side
10-Sure Signals
11-Stopwatching Televisionblast

nuthre on myspace

St. LaRok – Leap Year EP

Jazzy relaxed hip hop

from Miami? from St. LaRok with lots of soul. He’s so friendly to publish this album via bandcamp for free.

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