Various Artists – Greatest It

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Shifty & Wonky electronic mashups

Six labels, Up it upEgo TwisterPeppermillProotCock Rock Disco, and WM Recordings, teamed up for this compilation. Every label is presented with 3 tracks. If you’re not familiar with these six: hurry, download and listen to their releases. They stand for contemporary electronics, ranging from serious popmusic over hip-hop, electronics, jazz and folktronica to avantgardism. Mostly a blend between those styles. Inspirational and dazing. and a very good entrance teaser to their release portfolio…

Our listening tips:

Roglok – :P
Happy Elf – Another Day
Bakers at Dawn – Undefined
Candlestickmaker – Unclog

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Adam & Alma – Back To The Sea

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Independent Pop Music

Awesome independent pop pearls from Sweden… To make it short: Download! Share! Donate! NOW! Released on 23 Seconds. Found on AuBoutDuFil

Smile For Me, Sun
Back To The Sea

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Convaire – Hey Say Hey

Independent pop from Down Under

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Camila López & Flamante – Move & Remove Remixes

Colombian Indietronics

Sweet indietronic pop from Medellín, Colombia… Released 2009 on Series Media

Our recommendations:

Move & remove
Move & remove (the view of Lucrecia)
Move & remove (Ramiro Ramirez reversion)

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Lucrecia – Like being home

Electroacoustic Pop-pearls from Colombia

This will definitely be the right choice for your digital (or even analog) campfire! This new one from Lucrecia on Series Media is about acoustic instruments, found sounds, crispy percussion and Lucrecia’s wonderful vocals with an ease of ‘those who know more’.

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Nuthre – Popstars

Plunderphonic masterpiece

Yes, i still LOVE that release… Nuthre. Samplers. Long nights. Plundering. Plunderphonism. Pure. Warm. Friendly. Plunderphonic. Restructuring. Without permission. Direct. Legal. Illegal. Whatever. Straight. Without fear. Down-the-line. Funky. Mixing. Splicing. Copyright. Right. False. Right. Jumping. Originate. Thanks. A statement. Or what.

Samplerism as its probably finest point…


pop quiz label website releasepage

02-I velvet
04-Gracious Some_singers
05-I have everything
06-Quoi Quoi Quoi
07-fader junk
08-average choosers
09-When I get there I’m be there by my side
10-Sure Signals
11-Stopwatching Televisionblast

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