Hubert Daviz – Beatnicks Tape #01

Instrumental lunatic limbo for those dizzy days

Hubert Daviz, sample’n'beat constructor from Cologne, Germany drops a deep 13 track journey for free on bandcamp. For listeners of lazy & jazzy deep style instrumental hip hop (formerly known as trip hop): Just get it here!


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Nangdo – Chrome

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Instrumabstractal Hip Hop

This release by Nangdo, a producer from the Netherlands on Planet Terror makes me smile, intense soul, groovy tunes. Matches sometimes the moods of JDilla tracks… Highly recommended download… Don’t forget to donate if you like those tracks…

Listening tips:

The Makings
The Look
1st to Know

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Federsen – Magnetic Transmissions

Deep Spacetech Muzak Conceptions

Awesome. Sometimes there are those tracks you can dance to and hanging out at the same time. “Confident enough not to hide behind a monster kick drum.” (Morgan, i love this quote!) And here that magic happens… Thanks to Mr. Chris Kelly aka Federsen! Bingo! Chapeau! Essential download! 11,5/12


Original Theory – 7:01
Magellic Clouds – 7:32
Octavian – 8:41
Cosmic Textures – 6:49
Gaps In The Mind – 6:35
Freedom From The Know – 9:08
Emerge 2 – 5:09
Gravity Mass Weight – 7:22

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Lucrecia – Like being home

Electroacoustic Pop-pearls from Colombia

This will definitely be the right choice for your digital (or even analog) campfire! This new one from Lucrecia on Series Media is about acoustic instruments, found sounds, crispy percussion and Lucrecia’s wonderful vocals with an ease of ‘those who know more’.

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Christian Prommer – Sandstorms (Carl Craig Cover)

Groovy attempt

Huh! Stumbled upon that reinterpretation of Carl Craig’s everlasting classic Sandstorms by Christian Prommer. Completely arranged with live intruments.

Found on XLR8R:

To call “Sandstorms,” Christian Prommer’s cover of the Carl Craig classic, ominous would be an understatement. A droning organ sound is the first and last thing heard in the nine-minute piece, and not once does it let up. Instead, elements are layered atop the pulsing drawl; pattering drums and percussion, subtle yet funky bass riffs, and all sorts of analog weirdness bubble to the surface. It’s a little difficult at first to draw a direct line between Craig’s original and this reinterpretation, primarily because the new version is made almost completely of live instruments and focuses more on atmosphere than groove, but that’s how it fits so well onto the second installment of Prommer’s project, a collection of jazz-influenced covers of electronic music icons called Drumlesson Zwei.


Thallus – Between Head And Hand

Finest downtempo instrumental hip-hop. Word.

Very relaxed… Found via Goodnetlabels